The Skive

Playin’ hookie at the bookie,
Only there for half a tick,
Got a ticket for a horse,
And a rumour that I’m sick,

Then drivin’ down the road,
Clackity clack,
In my banged up, piece of shit,
Got a push up bra,
And an American car,
I’m out for the day,
But I won’t get far,
The tyre’s busted,
The motor’s rusted,
There’s gunk on the dash that’s all weird and crusted,

Break down in a dodgy lane,
Walls that ring with howls of pain,
Would die of shock if a dog were tame,
And there’s a copper and he knows my name,

I’m up shit’s creek,
He’s on my beat,
I’m running now in stilettoed feet,
Regret my choice of lingerie,
But if skiving’s illegal,
That’s news to me,
Probably that armed robbery,

He gives a lunge and a plunge,
And I’m face down in pavement gunge,
The copper’s on my back and he weighs ‘bout forty tons,

Off I as ticked,
Presently was nicked,
Not quite brutality but subtly was kicked,

My day’s off pay off was unfortunately arrest,
And my cell mate’s scary face was a cut above the rest;
Hair messed, string vest,
Patience I was dared to test,

So Kicked in the shin,
Banged up in a bin,
Gave a little run around,
But guilty as sin,
Yet not all bad,
Cuz the horse did win.


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Week 22 of the Doodles: Take #2

Late again, I really should pay more attention to the time. So I’m British and therefore must talk about the weather constantly, flippin’ heck it was hot today and very muggy, to those of you who think I am overreacting, try this, the idea of several days together passing here where it is hot, sunny and mostly clear in sky is to be remarked upon because weather here has tendency to be uncertain. And when I say uncertain I mean as a people the British tend be mistrustful of weather reports in general because very quickly a weather front can shift so it misses you completely. Currently it’s just started thundering and raining, I think we’re in for storm again tonight.

As it was a really nice day what do the British do? Do we sit outside on the patio with a glass of chilled wine and a light salad for dinner wearing straw panama hats? No we go to the dump. And to those of you very confused about what I just said its proper official name is the Household Recycling Centre – so yeah that was my evening, along with about thirty other people. 

Enough about the weather, the Garden Party is this weekend and so I have decided to stay up and watch the Desolation of Smaug while making some of the favour things.

Garden Part Invites 2014

Garden Part Invites 2014

For this weeks doodle I have the invites for the Garden Party – ignore the measurements around the outside that was so I could make it the drawing the right size.

au revoir


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Miscellaneous Manias

Hi ho Dears,

Thought I’d do a little, touching base, saying hi, this is what I’m into how about you? Type of postie. You happy with the prospect? I’ll plough on.

Tesco Chilli Rice Crackers

Heavenly spice time. I’m just addicted to these overpriced little rice crackers, I note that the serving suggestion is only half a pack. Not on my watch.

Life On Mars

It’s an odd cop show about a northern bloke who is hit by a car and wakes up in the 1970’s. I wasn’t sure at first but you know it grows on you, and now I’m quite into it.


This song has been in my head since I watched The Sapphires while baby sitting a few weeks ago. The song was on the telly again a couple of nights ago and I finally bought it and have been miming along passionately in the kitchen ever since.



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Week 21 of the Doodles: Take #2

I’ll keep this short suffices to say I have attempted to make orange sweet rolls today and it has gone very badly wrong – not least because the only recipe I could find that was coherent enough to follow used a food mixer so I think there are some slight differences in what I have to look for compared with doing it by hand. Anyway I will not rant about sticks of butter either, that debacle is still painful.

Focusing on more pleasant memories I went to Warwick castle yesterday, with Hannah and Paige from the Trans-Atlantic Sisterhood  and we had a really lovely sunny day out watching the eagles in a display – it was something like an eaglery display though may have made that up. You never realise how bloody big these birds are until one flies a foot away from you at shoulder level. Also the largest bird of prey in the world, I think,  sort of escaped during the display. Although it wasn’t as fantastic as it sounds because it was a six month old baby Condor which still had a wingspan of six feet which was still learning her routine and quite liked sitting on the mound of the castle walls and watching the courtyard. And at the end of the display she wasn’t coming back to the keeper on the ground she decided to fly to the opposite tower across the length of the castle to Guys tower and perch on the rampart just beneath it. Which is of course where people tour the ramparts and then it hopped down onto the walkway. I reckon this would been a bit a shock for this giant grey bird of prey nonchalantly hopping down and having a wander. It was very entertaining but I think you need either to spend all day at Warwick Castle or two days because there is loads to see. In the staterooms were guns from the civil war and a bit before which I started cooing over because of my dissertation work. And I think they have a arquebus or a very early type of musket in Guys Tower because it is a really big gun, and I know both were very unwieldy and sometimes used a tripod which was how the gun was set up.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

So your doodle for this week is the view from lunch, we sat in the courtyard and I was facing the main gate. There were people there but I didn’t draw the multitude of school children.

au revoir



Orange rolls have just come out the oven, they taste nice they just look nothing like rolls – they taste a lot like brioche actually. I also thought they would be orangier in taste but they are not unpleasant.


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Chocolate & Vanilla Two Tone Cupcakes

Lets call is earthy chic. I made these as part of my latest order, I was given a free hand and decided to experiment with this ivory and lavender purple rose, then last minute finished them off with this bronze leaf for a big of Grecian bling. What do you think?


I quite like how the two tone comes out differently each time so that no two cupcakes as exactly alike, it accentuates the handmade feel of it all I think.

P1130884 P1130885

Love love, kiss kiss and all that,




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My Top 3 Books

Huzzah wordpress has stopped glitching on me long enough for me to do this post! Although it has given me time to do some serious thinking on the matter. I picked two books fine and then the third took a while, I found Gwen’s rules unfortunately severe. These were the best books from the list where I enjoyed them so much I read them all over again immediately – if its a really good book that is what I do. In size order my top three books…


Persuasion by Jane Austen.


Yes I know it looks a bit odd my blogging name is Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility – it is still one of my favourite books but I read Persuasion recently and really connected to poor Anne Eliott. Not for the romantic plotline but the way everyone behaves to Anne and how she is always complained at. I think everyone at some point feels like Anne and at the time when I read it I really felt like Anne – the last week I felt a lot like Anne again because everyone was complaining at me about the state of bombsite we called a house and then everyone else’s attitude to the redecorating. I did my fair share of complaining but silently on the blog. I like Anne and I like the book I think it is the least like a fairy tale of Jane Austen’s books.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.


And no, not because Peter Jackson made a movie of it. It was one of my favourite books as a child. We had it on cassette tape and it was the only thing me and my brothers could agree on to listen to on long car journeys. As I’ve got older I’ve liked the book more and more, I am pretty sure it was the means for me liking fantasy novels when I was growing up as I liked the Hobbit so much. Also the book offers great entertainment for Sunday afternoons without reading, when I thirteen I was looking at the map and the foreward very bored until I realised I could make the whole dwarf rune alphabet by matching up the words and so I then translated “Far over the misty mountains” into dwarf runes. Yeah I was a cool child.

Whiskey Galore by Compton Mackenzie.


I really loved this book, for once it was a book set in World War Two that actually portrayed the funny side of life – most books set between 1939 – 1945 always have something horribly dark and sinister lurking in them. But this one, they stick to the man, as my medievalist tutor likes to say, the way they get round the pompous idiot of Captain Waggett and how the people of the Todday islands don’t divide the world as us and them in the sense of nations, they base it on the people themselves they like Sergeant Major Odd because he’s a nice guy, the Captain is an arse and so they don’t like him. Also the dialogue is written phonetically so you really hear how these people sounded and it gives them another dimension which I really like. Also it has a glossary in the back which tells you what the Gaelic words mean when they are used.

So there’s mine, what’s yours?

au revoir


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Week 20 of the Doodles: Take #2

Do you know what we did? We got Mum and Dads bedroom finished in time!!! That is an absolute first and Mum likes the colour – another first. But I ache all over as I painted all the room and then we’ve moved most of their bedroom back together Dad is just sorting through the rest of the colony of shoes they have accumulated. Also it’s my eldest brothers birthday today so I was also making a Hedgehog cake as a family favourite  - and believe me they are not as brilliant as Gwen’s creations they pass family approval only. Its still a little unnerving to have my Aunt look over and eat the cake because she used to make Hedgehogs cakes for my Dad and Uncle.

Terrible Terrors (Copyright How To Train Your Dragon creators and etc)

Terrible Terrors (Copyright How To Train Your Dragon creators and etc)

Owing to attempting to contain our bomb-site of a house I haven’t prepared a proper doodle, so you have me deciding last night as I went to bed I would learn to draw Terrible Terror’s from How to Train Your Dragon and that continued on to bits of today. Please excuse the scrawled notes on the page it was late a night and I needed to write some things down before I forgot them. Also Happy Independence Day our American readers and to our Canadian readers (if their are any I’m not sure) Happy Belated Independence Day I do apologise for missing it.

au revoir


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