Camp Brew

The tent’s occupants have a thrust to quench,
They’ve walked for miles over farm field and grove,
So come back now to the portable stove,

They’ve walked for miles over meadow and nettle,
So come back now to the portable kettle,

Their feet are warn through,
So you know what to do,
Gather the crew and put on a brew,
Brig out bourbons and tea bread,
Because we need to be fed,
Kick a wasp in the head,
Spill tea instead,

Gather round, gather round,
It’s nothing profound,
Just hot water and tea bread,
And a chair on the ground,

Sit down now by the portable kettle,
Here’s an old chair where your bones can settle,
It’s nothing complex,
It’s just hollow metal,
But how we love our portable kettle.



Yes, it might well be a sickeningly heart warming poem, but my heart was warmed when I wrote it. It’s the product of a nice little camping holiday in the Malverns, featuring four (including Elinor) friends, one kettle, Olympic nettle wading, the pub map, Captain Morgans, an exploding air bed, a dog who licked our frying pan, graceful gate hurdling (not), night time takeaway pizza in a field, scones the size of my head,  and Elinor humming and swearing in her sleep. But Back now and back to the old blogging. We missed you.



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Week 28 of the Doodles: Take #2

Hopefully if you are reading this, the magical wonders of wordpress will have successfully posted this even though I’m not here I’m in a field in the Malvern’s. If this hasn’t happened and you are reading this post then you’ve hacked into our blog and as such deserve to go on the naughty step and miss out on pudding for a week. 

Unlike everyone else I seem to live in an age before cameras, so when I go on holiday or to places I rarely take pictures I choose the much longer and more laborious process of drawing what I’m seeing. Why? I have absolutely no idea, my holiday ‘snaps’ of Edinburgh consist of slightly sketchy drawings. 

But dear Gwen did give some very good entertainment one night when trying to use a hand held fan, when attempting to open it she failed dismally and simply threw on it on the floor with gusto. So I drew this… 

Despairing of Gwen

Despairing of Gwen

au revoir


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The Pillowcase Race

The pillowcase race,
The pillowcase race,
I gave a good hop,
And I got first place,

The pillowcase race,
Rub it in your face,
I’m a duvet champ,
And you’re a disgrace,

The pillowcase race,
I’ve got pure down pace,
Just try to give chase,
At the pillowcase race,

The pillowcase race,
The pillowcase race,
I gave a good hop,
And I got first place.


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The Curse of the Sweet Peas

The last two days I have been sniffing and sneezing constantly, if my head fell off I would feel perfectly fine, hay fever has struck with an almighty vengeance. I have now discovered the culprit to my suffering and the reason I wake up with sneezing fits. A large bunch of sweet peas, this large bunch to be precise placed in the kitchen by my Mum.

Public Enemy Number 1

Public Enemy Number 1

This lot absolutely pong to high heaven, to use a phrase from the Navy Lark “like the biggest bunch of sweet violets you ever saw”. It is a bit of a pity because I have now exiled tem to the garden table, and they looked lovely in the kitchen window. If any of you are thinking silly girl, why hasn’t she just taken a hay fever tablet? I already have, but unfortunately the allergy has already taken hold and isn’t willing to let go. However, I now feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes for having figured out the strange  powerful, overly sweet smell, a little like pineapples, that has assailed me for two days. Although as it is only sweet peas perhaps I’m more like Basil of Baker Street…

au revoir


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Week 27 of the Doodles: Take #2 – The Great Mousecapade!

The Great Mousecapade! (Episode 4)

The Feast

The Feast

The biscuit crisis is officially over in the many tunnels behind the side board and so the mice celebrate with a feast.

Having raided the dolls house china and the best table cloth, a silk napkin that was unfortunately stained one Christmas, they now toast they’re good fortune having raided the ginger port.

The centre piece of their feast is of course a roast, suckling…well garnished anyway…custard cream, a great delicacy. 

The End

Appearing in this final episode were: Munchies, Marmite, Smudge, Quaver and Sweet and the shadows of the rest.

au revoir


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A Holiday Book Haul

A little rundown for you of all the books I picked up recently while away in Scotland.


The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas

I already have a copy of this and I’ve read it, so this is a shameless book upgrade just because I thought this binding was a lot nicer than the one I already own, and so would make by bookcase look prettier. Anyone else do that?

39 Steps by John Buchan

It just so happened that there was a book festival going on in Edinburgh while we were there, and I picked this book pretty much at random (as I as in a rush to get back to my familiars) from the Scottish Classics section in a big marquee bookshop. I do like a bit of grab and run shopping.

I did pay though don’t worry.


Wide Sargasso Sea by  Jean Rhys

This is a sort of indignant fan-fiction of Jane Eyre, it focuses on the character of Bertha Mason (the mad wife in the attic) and gives her some background and an insight into why exactly she went mad.

I finished reading this one last night, I didn’t love it, it’s an interesting idea, and it’s final few pages really achieve what it sets out to do I think, but there are huge patches before it gets there that left me just slightly irritated, or just slightly bored.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens

A bit of Dickens to expand myself a bit, I liked my first foray into Dickens, which was Oliver Twist, so I thought I would Give this a go too.

Thrones, Dominations by Dorthy L Sayers and Jill Paton Walsh

This is one of those clever author dies leaving an unfinished work and another author comes along to finish it off, but do we like this author too? we don’t know, we are suspicious. I think Jill Parton Walsh gets the character stuff about right though, and that’s what matters.

Uncle Fred In The Springtime by W G Wodehouse

Well this is a Blandings book, but I’m now getting the feeling that I might have actually read it before and forgotten. I think my co blogger Elinor might have even lent it to me.

What as the last book you bought?




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Week 26 of the Doodles: Take #2 – The Great Mousecapade!

The Great Mousecapade! (Episode 3)

The Biscuit Heist

The Biscuit Heist

Our intrepid Biscuit Commandos have reached their objective and with the handy help of a paper clip are endeavouring to save their community from the dreaded biscuit crisis.

Under express orders to keep Munchies away from the biscuits (as in training he proved he could not be trusted) the rest of the commandos have placed him on look out duty in case of being rumbled.

Tune in next week to see if the Biscuit Commandos can make it back home with their loot.

Appearing in this weeks episode were: Munchies, Marmite, Sweet and Quaver

au revoir



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