Medicine for the Soul – inscription over the Library at Thebes

If the above is true then most young adults have incredibly ill souls.

There must be millions of books in the world so why is it that there are no books for young adults to read? And why are there no good plots for “teen” books, ones that do not sound as if they are hailing from Jaqueline Wilson?

I’ve been encountering this problem frequently over the past three years and it is at its most aggravating when one is going on holiday. Often my family and I stay in the UK for holidays so all the books I encounter are going to be in English and there’s no problem there; the problem begins when you stop off to get food on the way to destination at a big supermarket and you think “Oh, I’ll go and see if there’s anything good to read.”

You end up going to a wide section of shelving and finding 1/3 of it contains children’s books, 1/3 a range of adult books that are a bit boring and 1/3 a load of twaddle masquerading as books! There is a massive jump from Winnie the Pooh to Under the Eagle without even a pit stop at teenage literature, there is just an almighty gap of genres that is glaringly obvious and never rectified.

Growing very bored this summer I even went on the internet to search for a list of books for teenagers and I came up with a very aggravating nothing. I am not a great computer user, and most of the websites were full of google adverts about books instead of an actual list; so I did the only sensible thing I could and gave up. It was far too stressful and when I did find a book the blurb made it sound useless and pathetic so I am left with nothing to read apart from: 1938 Hitler’s Gamble and The Columbian Encyclopedia of the 20th Century, both of which I have to read for next year. Neither of them are very appealing, I prefer fiction and I hate most books to do with/set in the wars in the 20th Century – and the 21st Century for that matter.

If anyone has any ideas for books please tell me.




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2 Responses to Medicine for the Soul – inscription over the Library at Thebes

  1. ionanoo says:

    The trouble with teenage literature is that it is full of all the offensive stereotyping that people associate with our age group. Apparently we are all raging against our parents, succumbing to peer pressure to smoke and drink and lying to our parents so we can go out and do what we jolly well please. Even Wikipedia puts us in a bad and patronising light; “…adolescents are frequently confused about what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong.’” I have had no such trouble, have you Elinor?

    • ionanoo says:

      I am perfectly sensible about right and wrong – I fail to see how others find it difficult its not that hard to know that drinking and smoking are bad for your health

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