I’ve found a book!

Surprisingly I managed to find a book to read, though it did take quite a lot of searching in the clearance section of WH Smith – and Heidi, I am eternally grateful for you showing me where it  is.

Well the book: “Having the Builders In” by Reay Tannahill is set in medieval England, it’s difficult to decide who the main character is so I would say it is split between Dame Constance de Clair, current Lady of the Castle and her daughter-in-law-to-be Lady Susanna (whose last name I can’t find, sorry) who wants to assume the role of Lady of the Castle, very quickly.

While Dame Constance attempts to steer her eldest son Gervase into taking a better interest in estate management and his new wife-to-be and keep the builders on track who are more inclined to destroy her castle, Vine Regis, than build the extension and get to grips with Lady Susanna and teach her the ropes of castle management and contend with a bout of thievery.

Lady Susanna on the other hand attempts to get Gervase to fall in love with her with several disastrous results and continually contends with Dame Constance thinking her to be uncivilised and proud and decide about herself and try to make Gervase’s two daughters from a previous marriage like her. Oh and I nearly forgot throughout all this homely bliss, King Edward III dies, grandson Richard II ascends the throne at ten and then French invade.

For all of this and a little bit more this book is surprisingly slim at 410 pages, but not rushed in its story. I read it in about 4 days and I am told I am a slow reader. However the greatest test for any book is if you finish it the first the time and then want to read it again immediately after then it is a good book. I have done that with this book so it’s a good read and quite humourous.




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