I hope you noticed I was gone…

I hope you have all been wondering where I’ve got to and missing my posts, but even if you haven’t I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ve had a holiday in Scotland in a place called Scoutscoft, in a large static caravan. And I know, first I was in the Peak District, now Scotland, and all the time neglecting my blogger obligations, but there really was no Wi Fi in Scotland. Not even a little bit.

Now Elinor doesn’t like caravans but this one wasn’t so bad, it was a jolly shade of green for starters and if you jumped up and down in one end someone would fall over in the other. Also, in my room there was an ensuite that consisted of a small broom cupboard with a toilet in it.

There where some downsides though, I scolded myself a few times on the boiling hot water that came out of the taps (I also managed to pour hot water from the kettle onto my fingers this morning but I won’t go into that), and the sofa seemed to be made of concrete.

For space reasons it was just me and my two brothers in the caravan, with my parents and other siblings in a chalet, which was really just like a caravan but without the wheals, though come to think of it I don’t think statics have wheals. This arrangement suited us all very well because my brothers and I could watch films in the evenings without our Dad fidgeting or asking about the plot.

I’ll soon be writing about Garibaldi biscuits, which where the latest to feature in my biscuit quest. But bye bye for now.



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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