More of Gwen’s tips for home and general self betterment

There is much advice to be given on the subject of tights, first of all the issue of laddering. Often when I walk down the stairs the back of my heel is nicked by something, (I’ve not quite fathomed what yet), and this leaves a small, and innocent enough looking hole. But said hole soon begins to ladder and my forty denier soon shred themselves into a pair of fishnets. So, if the fishy look isn’t what you’re after then you need to run quick and grab the nail varnish before the laddering starts, douse the little nick liberally in the colour nearest to hand and that will do the trick.

Now most of the time you put tights on in the morning and for all the world they seem to fit you quite comfortably, yet not an hour later and your standing in some public place and you realize that they have slipped down your legs considerably and are now sitting somewhere about your mid thigh in a most inhibiting fashion. Though it may be tempting you must on no accounts reach down and yank up the offending garment to it’s rightful position as this looks highly indecent. Besides, right minded passers by have no desire to be unduly shocked by the sudden exposure of your underwear.

 Pockets are an advantage here because you can put your hands into them and surreptitiously wriggle the tights up without anyone being the wiser. (I know Oscar Wilde said ‘no good dress ever has pockets’, but he was a man). Otherwise you have to sit tight until a private place can be found where you can yank them up without embarrassment.

 In the winter months I often wear a pair of tights under my trousers as they are fabulous insulation, they also make for really slippery footwear when you want to while away a few hours skidding on a varnished floor.



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