The Mystery of the Dissapearing Fruit

And before anyone gets clever, it was not eaten.

Pudding tonight is meant to consist toasted brioche, with cinnamon butter and a selection of sumerish fruits.

One tiny problem, we have somehow managed to loose a selection of fruits, in one of those quatered plastic affairs from Sainbury’s. Now we’ve looked in the fridge where they should be, and there is nothing there, the freezer, cupboards and even the boot of the car have been searched to no avail. Now mum says she definately bought them, when I suggested that it could be slightly possible that she had not actually managed to walk out of Sainsbury’s with said fruity collection oin Friday last.

So, if you see any stray quatered plastic trays of summery fruits lieing about the world do not hesitate to comment – or if you happen to know the contact number for a certain Sherlock Holmes such information would be most grateful too.



P.S. My dad also lost the red cabbage but that was found several minutes later hiding at the back of the fridge.


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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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