Yr wyf wedi bod i’r Fenni!

(English: I have been to Abergavenny!)

I have been absent from the blog since the walk at first due to recooperation after the walk and then because of a Geography field trip residential to South Wales’ Abergavenny. In a general breakdown of the programme, we spent the first day travelling by two trains from Birmingham New Street to Hereford and then Hereford to Abergavenny Station. Which was rather relaxing for me; owing to the fact I catch a train twice a day I did not go for the suitcase option or the large hold-all but a small hand luggagey one and a rucksack, wrongly thinking I would be carrying too much. As it turned out I carried the smallest luggage which not even I can understand how that happened. However there was of course no rest for the wicked on this trip and after lunch we had a lesson in human geography and then were left to meander around Abergavenny collecting data – which was incredibly tiring. Then back to the centre for a dinner of overcooked veg and “interesting” shephards pie and then another lesson which lasted for two hours. By which time everyone was incredibly tired and bored – but once 9:00 pm came everyone was quite happy to stay up and watch telly in the common room and socialise with the other group who were also at the centre.

More interestingly, a certain few members of said group decided that it would be interesting late at night to run up and down our rather strangely shaped corridor in their boxers. The result was meeting my teacher, who said “I’m not a pretty sight am I?”

That was certainly the most interesting episode at the centre itself; the next day we went to Afon Cearfanell a river to muck about in it collecting width, depth and velocity data this is where other episodes occured; someone fell in, apparently slipping off the rock she was perched on into the middle course of the river and all her work floated down stream, which she eventually caught up with. Fortunately it being so hot and sunny she dried off pretty quickly; unfortunately the girl everyone wanted to fall in never did, despite my attempt to send into the deceptively deep section of the river to rescue our tape measure at least to make her get her feet wet. Still we found a sheep skeleton which was interesting and then we were at a sheep race course for the lower course of the river (well the sheep just ran round and round in a circuit while we collected results; they are truely bemusing creatures.)

On the third day we went to Cardiff with a bloke called Steven who was incredibly annoying being continually patronising and confusing. Cardiff was not fun, the nice bits we missed out and went to an inner city area, a snobby area and a student area. And I delayed the coach by 15 minutes by accident. Havin forgotten what time we had to meet in Cardiff I asked my friend who said 2 o’clock so we thought we had time it turned out with a rather frantic phone call from my teacher resulted in comments all the way back to Abergavenny. I was not amused.

The fourth day we did some work and then travelled home again still on the train with a prolonged stop at Hereford where we ate lunch. When I got home I found I happen to be incredibly freckled – far more than when I left.

Oh and the centre food was not so bad as the first night – we had pizza and chips on day two and then a very nice roast dinner on the third.

All in all it was quite good if I’m honest.

au revior



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2 Responses to Yr wyf wedi bod i’r Fenni!

  1. What was the tea like?


    • Actually not that bad, it was served from pots at breakfast and we could have some on the feildwork but the absence of loo’s made me wary. The only problem was it was just above warm, which kind of spoils the pick-me-up in the morning atmosphere

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