Note to self ALWAYS bunk off the last weeks of school

You would not think that I have recently completed four A level examinations and it will be 7 months before my next examinations with the amount of work I have been handed on a continuous roll.

It’s like being at one end of a conveyor belt and my thirteen teachers take great delight in loading up more project and essays onto it; currently I am on my third geography project, my third RS project, my fourth British History project and my second Russian History project.  Why??? What articles of evil did I do to deserve this immediately after the stresses of AS exams? The work is ridiculously tedious and the tiredness of the end of the year mean that its hard to even do the work so you end rushing past midnight to finish the blighted thing while all teachers are telling you sort out your work expereince, sort out your UCAS, sort out your university etc etc.

I say this as the daughter of a teacher, bunk off the last weeks of term, for God’s sake there is too much like badgering by a bunch of insensitives.

au revoir



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