Ha! Eleven

Inspector crocodile Binoculars showed me this addictive game while we were camping last weekend, I will now share.

You will need;

A pack of playing cards

Nothing of import to do for the next few days (ie. Are there any burning buildings in the area? You’d better check now as you won’t be getting up to save any trapped civilians once you’ve had a taste of this game)

Shuffle the deck. You have nine spaces, lay out the cards one by one until you can find two cards that add up to eleven or you have a Jack King Queen down, you can then cover them with another card. The aim is to lay down the entire pack, if you can’t find ether of those combinations by the time you’ve used up all nine spaces you LOSE!



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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3 Responses to Ha! Eleven

  1. Love a good game of eleven, keeps the detective mind working away – very important for inspectors such as myself.

    – Crocodile Binoculars

  2. I’m sure it does Croc Binoc, and also takes the mind of some of the more troubling sides of being an inspector, like having Africa all over your hand.

  3. It does indeed an inspector goes through many traumatic events in one day alone, the breaking of ones pointing stick being one of the most unbearable, thank goodness for a bit of eleven is all i can say, a great calming tip for any novice inspectors!

    – Crocodile Binoculars

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