I have Nothing to Blog About

I have nothing to blog about, so I thought I would blog about it a bit.
For a while now I’ve been carrying around the vague intention to eat a wagon wheel because I haven’t had one in years, unfortunately none have presented themselves and so I can’t eat one, or indeed, tell you about it in my biscuit mission.

Occasionally I will come across an intriguing subject and I will begin to consider how I might write about it, but then something will interrupt me, like the calling of a slightly overripe cantaloupe wanting to be eaten, and I return to my thoughts only to remember that I have forgotten them.

I’ve been trying to persuade Elinor to do podcast blogging with me, but finding it difficult to gauge her enthusiasm, what does it mean when someone nodes vaguely and says “right” with an elongated vowel? I thought we could get together with my computer microphone and discuss biscuits, books, music, tea issues, and just about anything on out minds, and you, dear reader, could give suggestions about what issues to address. It would be great!

Also, I was thinking of writing and recording some short stories or monologues to put up, or if I can’t think of anything new to start with there may be something somewhere among my many poorly filed (well…not filed) notebooks. Hooray for podcasting.

The music world is charged with anticipation at the moment- for me anyway. The Killers (who I’m sure everyone is very fed up of me talking about by now) are back together after a break and working on new songs, this is very good news, just nod and smile if you don’t know who they are.

Florence and the Machine have a new single out and the album will follow some time in November, I like the chorus of the track but find the big instrumental climax a big heavy and unfocused, I still like the song, but she’s done much better and it’s never good to be walking backwards. I still have faith for an amazing November though.

Closer on the horizon, Laura Marling has a new album coming out on the 12th called A Creature I Don’t Know, you can listen to her single by the same name here. I love the song, sinking further into her mellow, yet dramatic (how is that even possible?) voice with every listen. The only thing is, I appreciate a good bit of cover art, and this scrawly drawing is just horrible. Now I tell you what’s got good cover art; Jeff Wyne’s musical version of War of the Worlds, (also a really good song in that link), that’s defiantly my favourite.

I guess I did have one or two things to blog about,



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to I have Nothing to Blog About

  1. LETS DO A PODCAST!!!!!!! I’m really EXICITED !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Is that enough enthusiasm Gwen? It will be fun when do you start the first one and do you want to try the orange tea?
    Elinor (who is not using over politeness anymore)

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