Gwen shares a little from her sphere of existence

I’ve been very good with my blogging lately and thought I’d keep up the good work with one of my rambling sporadic updates. So. Firstly, the materials for my psychology course arrived the other day and I’ve had chance to look through them, the main text book amusingly begins; ‘An American by the unfortunate name of Edwin Boring Wrote: The most important puzzle a man faces if himself and secondly, other persons. (Boring 1950)’. I’m rather hoping Boring will be contributing more to the course so I can read things like ‘Boring thinks’ or ‘Boring meant this’ which would cheer me up for days.

In other news I have been contracted (not literally) to make two birthday cakes, one for a young boy who is having a wintery themed party, so I’m thinking penguins for his cake, and another for a fairly big 50th birthday for which Betty Boop has been requested. Penguins will be no problem, but Betty Boop will be a challenge, I’ve never made a person figure out of icing like that before, but I’ll tell you how they go.

Now I know I promised podcasts which have not yet materialised but they are on their way! Elinor and I are penned in to meet on Friday for a spot of the old podcastables so watch this space.

Your most affectionate,



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to Gwen shares a little from her sphere of existence

  1. Hannah says:

    Unfortunate name indeed! I’m keeping an eye out for the podcasts 😉

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