The Bagel Experiment

In an attempt to allay some of the confusion regarding what exactly the ‘bagel’ setting on the new toaster does, I decided to conduct a scientific experiment. I started by finding a capable assistant to help me with all the complicated data gathering techniques, here she is, photographed by the toaster:

There were some difficulties with the experiment; firstly I forgot to put the memory card into my camera so we had a false start on the documentation, and secondly my capable assistant’s cardigan was a bit too big for her leading to a pair of buttery sleeves, but it’s amazing what you can overcome in the name of science.

We put a bagel in each side of the toaster and set one to ‘bagel’ and the other we left on the straightforward toast setting. These where our results:

On the left we have the bageled bagel, and on the right the toasted bagel, my capable assistant said; ‘please can I not have the burnt one?’

So what can we conclude? In most cases, toasting your bagel is the preferred method of bagel cookery, as bageling your bagel may lead to burning your bagel.

Your scientifically enriched,

Gwen and her Capable Assistant.


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to The Bagel Experiment

  1. Hannah says:

    On our toaster the bagel setting it just the one where it only toasts on one side…

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