I say, Gwen, could you recommend me a book? What have you been reading?

My last few reads….

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers (a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery)- This series is taking over my family a bit at the moment, I got my Dad onto them and so as not to be left out my Mum has picked up the first one for herself. They are good though, and this one-number ten- is defiantly the best yet. She takes some time away from her usual mystery heavy plots and writes a more person centric novel, and makes a excellent job of it. Yes, her supremely clever mysteries are intelligent, but what I really wanted all along was a bit of Lord Peter in love.

Notes From Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- (sometimes translated ‘Notes From THE Underground’ but I believe that is incorrect) Very depressing. But one must at least attempt to better one’s self I suppose. I doubt anyone will be interested but if by chance you’ve read the book and want to understand it better like I did I listened to this short lecture on it, I found it very interesting. What fun I am.

The Scapegoat by Daphne du Maurier- I am a big fan of this author, she is best known for ‘Rebecca’ but she is by no means a one trick pony. In-fact, I have now read eight du Maurier’s and loved them all, the only bad experience I have had with her was a really weird short story called ‘The Birds’ about all the seagulls and pigeons and what not going mental; freaked me out a bit. This is the strange tale of a man who bumps into someone who looks physically identical to himself but who’s personality is the polar opposite. The twin then disappears leaving the protagonist to assume his identity. A slightly weak ending but overall a smashing book and I would recommend.

I’m now reading The Prestige by Christopher Priest, the film is one of my favourites (though Elinor found it a bit disturbing I think), and I found the book in a charity shop for two quid. Bargin.



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