The Penguin Cake

My brother’s friend had his birthday party at the snow dome and his Mum ordered a winter themed cake to go with it, luckily the birthday boy proclaimed to me that penguins where his favourite animal, so he liked his cake.
The main cake is chocolate, as requested, and the igloo (no, not solid icing) is a sponge cake cooked in a Pyrex bowl. I modelled and painted the penguins before arranging them on the cake, but to get the right shape for the one peeping over the side of the cake I had to perch him on the edge of the Kenwood Mixer, it’s the first use it’s had for me in a while because to be honest I barley use the thing.

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4 Responses to The Penguin Cake

  1. Hannah says:

    That cake is OFFICIALLY AWESOME!!!! I love it to pieces, even if I don’t like ice skating…

  2. Thanks Hannah, it’s true that cake is a good alternative to any undesirable situation, especially ice-skating.

  3. Aww, seeing that cake again has really cheared me up after a horrible day. I love that penguin spread-eagled on the igloo.
    You really should go into cake making, me old fruit

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