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Forgive me, dear readers, but I am feeling ever so Christmassy! I know its not even advent yet but I just can’t help it. I love winter.

I love the increase in hot tea consumption and the direct correlation in biscuit consumption. I love glittery frost and swirling condensed breath. I love the fact that everyone suddenly has a cheese board. I love the M&S advert, even though I rarely shop there, have never watched X Factor and find the song a soppy and sentimental. And I love the hospitality.

Though, that hospitality thing is going to make me a very busy person. Glancing across my calendar there are currently five parties between now and the 4th of January which I will be ether involved in or fully manning the catering for. The first thing is a dinner party I offered to cook up for my Mum and a select group of her Homeschooling mum friends, it’s going to be a canapé, main course, desert and after dinner mints affair, I decided to exclude the starter feeling it would be a bit much. I’ll blog about it after in case anyone needs ideas for their own host/ hostessing, but if you need serous help I suggest you grab a cup of mulled wine (to get in the zone) and sit down to some back to back Nigella. Granted, her ‘make love to the camera’ presenting stile does grate after a while, at least if you’re a girl, but the woman knows how to throw a party. Having said that, you won’t be catching me sneaking off to fry crab cakes in the middle of my celebrations.

I’m trying to get ahead with my psychology course because it doesn’t really stop for the Christmas holidays. Apart from anything once this flurry of cooking and prep starts I know I won’t be able to concentrate on things like external loci of control and my brain will be full of things like, how to make a royal icing Betty Boop figure? Or where did I put my best gingerbread recipe?

I may have to resort to contacting my tutor through Email rather than phone because over the last few days I have been gradually loosing my voice.

I will just say one thing before I go, y’know all those people who sullenly complain that now that their childhood is behind them they have lost the magic of Christmas and its now nothing more than a dreary slog of consumerism and false manners? I think they’re all party pooping fat heads! They need to internalise their locus of control and see that as you get older you learn to appreciate Christmas more. You come to appreciate the generosity of others and fully discover the joy of buying or making other people gifts. It’s no longer about counting down to that one day but about enjoying the whole season with all its lights and charm and good will to all men. So if you are grumping, do stop.



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5 Responses to In The Mood

  1. I agree ‘party pooping fat heads’ indeed! hurrah for winter / Christmas and tinsel related fun!
    Inspector Croc Bnoc!

  2. Hello Inspector!
    We missed you yesterday, i assume you were deep in an under cover mission concerning national security?

  3. Catherine Winkles says:

    I did indeed miss you too, I did plan to be there but I was of course on an undercover mission involving a great deal of cardboard boxes, dodgy perfume and cockney women, you can try and guess the mission for the next time our inspecting minds meet.
    Inspector Croc Bnoc!

  4. I will try my best not to be a “party pooping fat head” this year. But you did make be very hungry.

    Very nice post.

  5. Thank you Miss Demure. I’m quite sure you couldn’t possibly be a PPFH even if you tried. However, if you do catch anyone else being one I suggest you shout ‘stop being a party pooping fat head!’ in a very assertive and indignant voice, especially if it is in a public place like a bus stop or a supermarket. It is the only way to stop these people.

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