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When you have a wordpress blog you get information about how many people have been visiting, what other sites they may have come from, and best of all, what search engine terms they have used to get here. Looking through the list though, I sometimes worry that these people are coming to our humble blog and just not finding the answers they’re after, I feel sorry for them, it must be so frustrating to take the trouble to consult Google about a pressing matter only to find that this blog simply does not hold the answers. So, in a bid to be helpful, and to show that LTUAWYPTCC truly deserves its little space of internet, I will take a look at some of these terms and see if we can’t be helpful.

One person wanted to know ‘how to make a cake in a wheel barrow’. Who hasn’t wanted to try this? Well, the Hairy Bikes did this massive recipe, and on the show the mixed it all up in a wheelbarrow.

Biscuits are not surprisingly a recurring theme, one person searched ‘biscuits on floor’. I can only assume what has happened here is that this person has dropped some biscuits and become paralysed by doubt and trepidation. Beads of sweat form on the brow as the digestives lye on the tiled floor, crumbs scattered like shrapnel. He didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident, honestly, they just slipped out of his fingers.

Stay calm, take deep breaths, I think I can help you. Pick them up.

Another person approached Google crossly and wrote ‘GO AWAY NAUGHTY BISCUITS’

Perhaps try a different brand.

My post about the new toaster attracted some attention with searches like ‘toaster+ for+oversized+bread’. I think what you’re looking for here is simply a grill, good for bread up to 20cm thick.

Another desperate search reads ‘toaster for bread NOT BAGELS’. You can actually ignore the bagel option on your toaster is you want, it wont get sad.

Hope this helped.



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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