The Betty Boop Cake part One

A bit of a saga this one, so settle in. It started with an invite to a 50th birthday party from a Betty Boop lover, and an offer of my cake making services. The original plan was to have Betty sitting in a martini glass on top of the cake, only it would be a baby champagne glass as that was all I had. However, Betty has thin limbs and a big head, not ideal for a model made of icing and without constructive wire her legs just looked like limb bits of spaghetti dangling out of the glass. Not good. Besides that, it would be difficult to secure the incredibly delicate glass to the top of the cake. So plan B was to have her standing up in a ball gown. Elegant and no spaghetti legs! I constructed the skirt by laying a piece of thinly rolled out icing over one of those plastic cake pillars you sometimes see holding layers of wedding cakes apart. I then made the top half including a black bodice. She was finished and left on the side overnight, when I came down in the morning however, her skirt looked a little different.


Someone had put a wet mug away in the cupboard above her letting a drip of water land on her bodice which dribbled down carrying black food colouring with it. My breakfast was ruined with frustration. But I soon realised I could cover the unattractive dribble with a new black front panel in her dress.



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