In which root vegetables have minds of their own.

It may shock and astonish readers to know that there is half a carrot at large somewhere in my room.
How did this happen, you may wonder, when, for one thing, the bedroom is not the designated room for eating vegetables anyway?
The case is as follows. Yesterday evening I toddled off to the kitchen before bed, as is my custom, to fetch some fresh nourishment for my room mate Linus. He is a rabbit. My memory being somewhat flimsy and unreliable I forgot I had done this and was sitting up in bed writing something when I rediscovered the half carrot in my pocket. I put it down next to me deciding I would give it to Linus after I had finished writing. Only when I actually had finished (and here comes the interesting bit) I looked down to find that the half carrot was GONE.
Well, I’ve searched high and low and the devious half root cannot be found and I am very worried that when it does show it’s face again it will be in a distressing state of decomposition.


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to In which root vegetables have minds of their own.

  1. Have you still not found it yet? Maybe you should just set Linus loose for the whole day and he might have better luck. As a precaution I would definately check the laundry basket, mainly because finding half a mouldy carrot in the laundry is rather foul as the science technicians at school found out
    Oh and failing a rabbit finding the carrot perhaps a prayer to St Anthony?

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