Chastise me not, the inactive blogger grovels…

Those loyal and avid people who push aside the many demanding responsibilities of day to day life in order to sit for a few moments at a time reading, with polite interest, the humble babblings of this blog would not be considered whinging and unreasonable if they where to suggest that, baring a recent poetical entry, I have been a little inattentive the LTUAWYPTCC. None so much as Elinor, I may point out defensively, who has a habit of abandoning perfectly promising half written drafts on the dashboard, never to reach the eyes of you, the reader. Still, one cannot blame her, her thoughts are on higher planes.

Anyway what am I up to? I’ve been hiking around Devon like billy-o, and I tell you what, the Lord may be without sin but he’s guilty of situating some murderous inclines in that part of the world. Ten miles of vertical footpath and mud deep enough to suck the shoes off, but endless blue ocean and miraculously situated pubs.

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Good lord, what bother! I have just taken a break from post writing to attend to kitchen matters and do you know what? My buns have collapsed! They where looking dangerously large earlier and now they have completely deflated, I told my mother as much and do you know she found it difficult to keep a strait face? I’ve had to put on a new loaf so we’ll have something decent to accompany our leek and potato soup for tea. Still, you’ll think of this next time you over prove your bread.

Things have been quite quiet on the cake front, but I’ve just persuaded my brother to pay me to make his girlfriend a Valentines Day cake (lets hope she doesn’t read this blog), and my godson will be needing a christening cake, so that’s something.

Mind you the valentines may be a difficult commission as he seems to know nothing of her cake tastes (lord knows what they talk about all the time), or even her favourite colour. For all I know carrot cake may make her skin crawl or marzipan may bring her over all anaphylactic, and that wouldn’t put the lovies on very good terms. I must send him on a discreet fact finding mission.

Anyway must be off, bread calls,

Love love, kiss kiss, and all that,



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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