10 Ways to Keep Warm

The cold snap is upon us and its freezing cold, particularly first thing in the morning and in an effort to take my mind off the chilliness that was attacking me with all force as I walked round to the train station at 7:20 in the morning, I tried to think of ways to keep warm. In no particular order…

1. Don’t Get Out Of Bed

See one easy simple step we could all do to keep ourselves warm in winter

2. Carry A Hot Water Bottle

On film sets and in the Sixth Form common room people try and stave off the cold with hot water bottles or similar – I have microwaverable handwarmers that smell of cranberry

3. Eat Stew

A rich hearty meal thick with gravy and plenty of root vegetables (although not the certain orange one that has since dissapeared from Gwens room) and thick crusty bread.

4. Carry Parkin About Your Person At All Times

Parkin is a slightly dense cake, very nice made with black treacle, oatmeal, flour, ginger and – in my recipe anyway – golden syrup. Very filling and gingery sweet you feel as thoguh you are eating proper food. And before anyone shrieks about calories and dieting promises they made themselves – this is winter there is a reason why you want sausages

5. Always Have A Cup Of Tea Near You

Or any hot beverage really, something warm going inside you sort of makes an internal hot water bottle and is very tasty as well.

6. Spices

The body reacts to the spice as it can sense the warming sensation – of course don’t take too much or you might start sweating, which is the body’s natural reaction to heat.

7. Wear Woolens

They say there is a reason for everything well there was a reason why everyone has an affinty with wool it is the perfect insulator – you might think that modren thinsulate can do the job better but wool will always let your skin breathe. Particulafrly in warm colours reds and plum purple it will help you feel  warmer physchologically. 

8. Set Fire To Your Room

It will certainly keep you toasty

9. Excersize

It sounds horrible but honestly its a heck of a lot better than cutting beack on the warming foods your body wants. Also for all those calorie counters who have swooned at the idea of eating lots of reich hearty foods just busting with calories this is the way you burn then off and it will make you healthier in the long run. If necessary create your own point scheme i.e. 4 slices of parkin = 20 minute brisk walk

10. Wear Your Hair Down

It makes an extra scarf for the back of your neck

All the things you can think up on a 20 minute train journey knowing the world looks like this

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P.S. There are no pictures of recent snow showers that smattered there way across Birmingham because I did not get my act together. Apologies.


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