packaging, beautiful packaging

I realised just how much of a culinary geek I am when got really excited about paper bags. I know, sad. I wanted a nice way to package all the Easter sweets I’ve been making and Clingfilm just wasn’t going to do them justice, I found these lovely paper bags on amazon. The spotty and stripy ones will look so -and I hate this word but-cute with little sugar mice inside them and the big white ones just need to be full of baked things.

Only thing is they took EIGHT WHOLE DAYS to arrive, when the doorbell rang this morning I was on the verge of kissing the postman. Still, no need to re-level the gravel over it.



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2 Responses to packaging, beautiful packaging

  1. CatWinkles says:

    I flipping well hope you didn’t re-level the gravel with the postman! He would of had the shock of his life, no ones ever been that pleased to get their post!


    p.s. you should know I just sat laughing at that for about 5 minutes — and I thought we’d never use our codeword/ phrase!

  2. Gwendoline Bracknell control yourself! Nearly kissing postmen well I never would have thought it never was I more shocked not even when I found a baby in a handbag.
    Still all good things come to those who wait and all that classical jazz, glad your Easter gifts are on time unlike mine.
    (Reaching for the smelling salts) Elinor

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