Enough of this screen staring, time for a post

I have looked at my computer often over the lat few weeks with the intention of blogging. Not about anything in particular, because nothing in particular has occurred to me, but simply because there is little more depressing than the sight of an unattended, or dead blog, and I wanted to save my readers from this. I have fairly failed at this heroic intent, as you can see from the large, no blogging gap, but I hope that you will forgive me.

I went on a seven mile hike on Thursday with some friends. My brother and I prepared by going to a £1 shop and buying quavers and a Toblerone, this was a good start to the pick nick, but it wasn’t going to sustain us the whole way. I filled out the meal out with some cheese and Parma ham scones (rub SR flour and butter to bread crumb, add grated cheese and little bits of Parma ham, bind with milk, cut out and cook for 10-15 mins), and some sausage sandwiches, (put cooked sausages in bread). I clad myself in wellingtons and a rain coat as it tipped it down pretty much all day, and we set out into the unknown with a photocopied map and varying levels of determination. We wandered around a golf cause like a bunch of rambling idiots because we couldn’t find the way out, we slipped a lot but one person went right down and laughed paralytic on the ground, and at one point the incline became so steep that I lost control of my legs and crashed into my brother. But we made it out of the forest with our lives, and had a Chinese.

BTW, left over Chinese food becomes alarmingly gelatinous when cold, I think I might make it at home next time.



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