Mirror Dog

A racing dog named lucky lass,

Was stood before a looking glass,

And fancying the little pet,

I went ahead and placed a bet,

Of 50,000 saved-up quid,

A most gigantic sum to bid!

But mirrors, when you’ve bet your penny,

Make things look like twice as many,

And the pooch in actual fact,

(I’ll try to say this with some tact),

The doggy’s legs, with foot and calf,

Were reduced to only half,

Don’t look socked, it’s really true,

Where once were four there now was two.

A gunshot sound began the race,

And dogs set off at quite the pace,

But with only half her limbs,

She hit the deck like bowling pins,

My dosh was spent in one fell swoop,

Victim of a dreadful dupe!

Now Lucky Lass, and who could blame,

Was fed up of the racing game,

She felt it drained her self respect,

And didn’t match her intellect,

So there and then, right on the fly,

We teamed up, the dog and I,

And started up a business plan,

Based off of theIsle of Man,

Known around as ‘heels on wheels’,

We sold chairs to dogs and seals,

And we made a tidy sum,

Me and my new canine chum,

And found deep-soul tranquillity,

In the field of dog mobility.



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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