Lunchtime Diaries Friday

This has actually been a very fun and rewarding series of posts to do, it’s forced me to think more about my midday meal and I’ve had some pretty tasty food as a result, and I’ve also found that having an interesting lunch means you eat more of the proper food and don’t feel like snacking so much. Seriously, I’ve got a bag of Maltesers in my draw that have gone untouched since Monday. I recommend you do your own for five days and see what you come up with.


Spring Pea soup

Tastes like pea, not pee.


Bunch of spring onions

Couple of potatoes

Big bowl of peas


Olive oil


Chop you onions and sweat them down in a little olive oil. Then add your spuds and stock and boil until soft. Add peas, cook for a few more minuets. Throw in chopped mint and blend. Season to taste. Oh so simple.

But it’s Friday so let’s eat Muffins!

I loosely used this recipe, only I replaced the white choc and raspberries (which would have been yum) with milk choc because that is what I had.


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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to Lunchtime Diaries Friday

  1. Hannah says:

    *Please be my friend* *Don’t touch me*

    Snorts. Giggles. Snorts some more. ❤

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