AHA! I HAVE SURVIVED A2 LEVELS!!! My exams that had once buried me in revision and practise papers are finally finally finally over as of today!!!

As is evident by my writing I am rather ecstatic, although now I don’t quite know what to do with myself. There are so many things I have been waiting to do for over a month I’m not quite sure which to start with. It is so nice to have so much choice for once but invariably I end up not doing any of them because I can. That is such a good feeling.

So now I’m free from the national education system which has a Terry Pratchett once pointed out in the Hogfather “It was an education in…well education”. I have spent the last 14 years of my life learning rather obscure things in maths such as Pythagoras theorem and simultaneous equations, again in geography I’ve learnt how plates move and weather systems form and the health statistics for Newcastle. Still at least I learnt it all to pass the exams and get to next hurdle. And perhaps one day I will lead a coup d’état against the national education system and get them to teach useful thing like it used to be no more designing pizza boxes for KS3 they will learn how to cook good food on a tight budget very useful for Uni, also they will learn how to wire a plug and change a fuse etc.

And now the proof of my revision why I spent so very long away from the rest of life and the blog:

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 In total it amounts to 250 A3 Sheets for three A2 level subjects History, Geography and Biology. And I can now spend part of the summer catching up on stuff on should have been posting on the blog because I have been to Paris just before Easter it was meant to be Russia but I clearly didn’t get very far I’ll explain about that in the blog post later, also I still have experiences from Lourdes and Auschwitz and some of the York holiday left to tell. Also Gwen and mines journey to Lincoln and I still feel very sorry that I dragged Gwen to Lincoln at 5:00 in the morning.

However for now I’m perfectly free so I’ll stop writing now and get ready for the pub.

au revior



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