As luck would have it…

We had the garden party on Wednesday and it threatened rain at about midday but the weather Gods smiled on us and it was actually really warm for once.  But the next day we had a flash flood! 10:00 am Dad yelled up to me that we needed to get the gazebo down, because a storm was about to strike and we got the awning off and all the decorations down and the metal poles in 10 minutes! Despite it taking us 2 and a half hours to put up. And then the storm came, there was thunder and lightening and masses of torrential rain the street outside turned into something more akin to a river than a public walk way.

What was slightly more serious is that at the bottom of my garden is a stream and it flooded, along with the whole of the bottom of the garden. So it was bloomin’ lucky we didn’t have the garden party on the Thursday because everyone would have been rather soggy. The river was so flooded that I could hear the rush of water from the upstairs bathroom window which is roughly 50 yards from the stream and on the second floor, so it was pretty flooded.

Here is some evidence of the aftermath of the flood – me and my brother had to go a rescue the lawn mower from the shed which also flooded – and also the Welly-Boot measurement courtesy of my wellies!

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au revoir




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