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One post that I’m afraid Gwen – the more able of us in makeup, hair and everything – should do but however has no prom so therefore it falls to me to make the post. And it is my final time to see my friends at school so it is nice although I will now officially be a SPOG – try and see if you can guess what that means actually but I think it is something that is certainly singular to my school – wow 2 hyphen-sentence thingies in the first paragraph woo-hoo! Anyway back to the topic.

I am not very conscious of makeup, hair and stuff like that mainly because… I actually have no real idea why. It’s probably a combination of factors: not being confident is probably the major factor (I would actually prefer it if no one ever picked up on anything I did differently because somehow in my mad excuse of a brain I then get very embarrassed and feel that I shouldn’t have done anything different at all!) Also I am the only teenage girl in my family and my mum is a bit of work-a-holic so we don’t tend to do that much “girl time” stuff so my knowledge of hair and makeup comes from my friends and over a whole day YouTube. Actually I hated shopping for many, many years it bored me so I never really did what I imagined most people did which was develop a sense of fashion and hair and everything over many years. I however have sort of entered this realm slowly over the last two years before tripping and falling down the rabbit hole in one day and thus spent the whole of Thursday watching hair and makeup videos, kind of a little worried now that I am going to make a hash of this and then feel awful.

So I have a vague plan about what kind of hairstyle to do which will have to be done wet and then dried but I came across a way of doing the thing at the back so I don’t think it’s been entirely unsuccessful today. However I am yet to learn how to walk in my shoes, I sort of walk toe first for about an hour and then I start daring to walk heel first every 10 minutes, this is because they are stiletto-ish heels and I’m 5’10’’ish so I have never worn heels in my life.  

However the hair went without a hitch! But it did go with many pins. And I managed to wear my heels all night and dance in them despite not actually being able to walk in them and the long dress – I walk in them far worse than ever did at the garden party – but hey I managed it! If by now you are wondering about the rather strange way this blog post has gone it’s because it is in fact written over three days. But the food was good although me and my friend Lauren got a bit forgotten during the meal because everyone else got served and then five minutes later one of the waitresses came up to us and asked us what we had ordered about 3 months ago – I’m not exaggerating there we all had to order from this set menu 3 months ago and our name places had what we’d ordered on the inside, which was good because I had forgotten. We were then given large servings of goats cheese and chewy tomato penne pasta, I mean I’m used to Scout food so I ate about half of it but me and Lauren got given twice as much as everyone else so that was difficult to get through.  It was nice pasta everyone else said it was bit to cheesy I however thought there was too much garlic. I mean garlic tastes nice in moderation but every forkful of pasta I had contained rock salt sized chunks of garlic which crunched noticeably.

Here is a picture of my hair, I don’t mean to brag but Gwen will testify that I am terrible at hair so I’m uber-impressed with myself. And a picture of my dress and shawl.

But everyone enjoyed themselves, but dancing to “Cotton-eyed Joe” in heels with everyone else barefoot is not recommended or easy. Another thing I don’t recommend is putting away a gazebo in heels: don’t do that, it doesn’t work well.

The YouTube channel I ended up watching the most for tips was this: I think she’s really good because she’s in England so everything she uses I can get if I wanted it, and she uses high street brands in normal price range and talks sense particularly for me. I also found out she was a vlogger (I think thats what your supposed to say) which is this link here: 

Wow two posts in one day I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

au revior



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