Ruddy Hell!

Ok I have just been pottering about the internet searching as you do for healthy eating ideas because I am terribly addicted to chocolate and it’s getting a little bit ridiculously. I mean I don’t eat chocolate all day but I’ll eat more than I should in one day and I won’t eat that much fruit, if I’m peckish and there is something sweet and chocolaty available I will down it like a shot. So anyway I was on the blog copying down some of Gwen’s very nice lunches onto a chart and I decided I would check the stats of the blog and found out that someone from Israel viewed our blog so hello to you, even though you’ll probably never come back. Then I found that one of the search terms used was “ionanoo” so I decided I would Google it to see what came up. Then I found this on a website called URLspy…

WHAT?! How on earth did we get valued at £221.26??? How have URLspy managed to do that because we don’t sell anything, I mean we blog about drinking tea, eating biscuits, food and in my case St Thomas Aquinas’ ridiculous rubbish and my brother’s inability to put the loo seat down! I don’t understand how this happened can someone please explain to me because I’m lost.

au revoir

Elinor (the Baffled)


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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