Our Day Out: Birmingham’s Canals and Ice Cream

Dam it! I sometimes think to myself, I still live in the city. Not that residing in a metropolis doesn’t have some perks, you won’t necessarily need an air ambulance is you have a hart attack at work, for example, and your unlikely to be swallowed whole by marshland or cross horses. But it just looks so delightful and green doesn’t it? So lush and lovely. Well, never mind, because here in Birmingham we at least have a great canal system that we can walk along and make believe we’re badger, or ratty or the other one from the Wind in the Willows.

We set off yesterday morning laden with flapjack and cashew nuts, and for the entire two hours walking it rained wile urine through a colander. And as it turned out, my suspicions were proven correct when my waterproof coat turned out not to be waterproof. Never mind all that though, I took a few quick snaps.

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The path took us into the town center where we met up with my brother at the coffee shop he works at, we drank iced mocha while he finished his shift and then had lunch at Nandoes. A first time for me, and my verdict is yummy, Elinor and I have a friend we owe lunch to so perhaps a spot of chicken is on the horizon again?

As if we hadn’t spoiled the health benefits of our walk enough, we then poped across to a delightful cream parlor next door and filled our faced with it’s flavorsome fair.

Gwen’s dessert. 1 scoop mint chocolate. 1 scoop pistachio. 1 flake.


Elinor’s dessert. 1 waffle covered in milk chocolate. 1 scoop vanilla.


Walking friend Phil’s. 2 scoops bubblegum. 1 stick of fudge.


My brother could not wait.




About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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