And where have you been?

Well I’ve not blogged in a few days, sorry about that, but it’s been so gloriously sunny outside! I’ve been playing cricket and badminton, and going on hikes and bikes and such. The call of the lab top has not been so strong. But anyway, I’m here now to tell you that I’ll be busy over the next week child minding during the day, and doing cakes in the evenings, but hopefully I’ll post photos of those. Then I’m hopping on a train and spending a week in Scotland were there will be no internet. So, it seems I will have to leave you in Elinor’s capable hands for a while. We’ll see how that goes.




About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to And where have you been?

  1. Oh dear, no pressure then Gwen 🙂 Hope the child minding and the cakes go okay

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