Houstan we have a problem…

I have an honest reason for not posting for so long because since Wednesday my house has been suffering from electrical issues, something is causing the RCD switch to cut out and that then causes all the electrics to trip out (so I’ve had intermittent internet), which then results in the burglar alarm going off. This can happen at any time of day or night the first time it happened was 5:00am on Wednesday morning. At first it seemed to be a faulty RCD switch which cut off the upstairs electrics, and then the RCD decided to shut off the downstairs electrics and has continued to do so since 10:30pm on Wednesday, despite the RCD being replaced by a new one.

So my house has been without any of the downstairs plugs working for now 5 days, so you might well be wondering by this point how are we running the fridge and freezer? Or even the kettle? Well we have currently two extension cables running from the computer room and my parents room, the white one powers the fridge and freezer, the orange powers alternately the washing machine, the microwave or the kettle. This is what my house looks like currently…



Thankfully Inspector Crocodile Binoculars was very sympathetic when I went round to help with the tent and filled my up with lots of tea which I had been missing, because we’re kind of afraid to put the kettle because when it reaches boiling point it seems to have used too much electricity and causing the RCD to trip out and the alarm to go off at least in the downstairs circuit it does.

This is the way we’re lighting the oven currently because the ignition spark-magic-button-thing is electric…


au revoir



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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