Gwen Goes Nuts

I’ve just looked at the blog and stared in disbelief at the date on my last post. Has it really been over a week? Where has the time gone? And where’s Elinor?

The last question I can answer; she’s gone to university. I don’t know if this means she’ll be blogging less or more, she’ll certainly have lots of new experiences to blog about, whether or not she’ll commit them to the internet is yet to be seen.

Anyway, I’ve gone nuts in the kitchen, it’s this idea of salty and sweet flavours together that’s got me going. Salted caramels have shot into fashion lately though the idea is hardly new, we’ve been dropping a teaspoon of salt into our American cookie mixes since the beginning of, well, American cookies as we know them. Salted nuts are always yum, so here are a couple of salty sweet nutty treats.

Please note, when I make up a recipe I never weigh anything out, so y’know, just go with the flow.

Salted Pistachio Truffles (you could also call them pistachio poo balls)

A mix of plain and milk chocolate (you can go darker or lighter depending on what flavours you like, I went for a reasonably bitter mix)

A cup of water

A splash of milk (or for a richer truffle use cream)

3 table spoons of icing sugar

A nob of butter

Salted pistachios

Melt the chocolate on the hob with the water and butter. Then add the milk and sifted icing sugar and mix. Leave to set in the fridge. Put the sheled nuts into a bag and bash with a rolling pin, pop in a teaspoon of icing sugar. Then scoop out teaspoons of the chocolate mix and roll into balls, jostle them about in the bag to encrust with the nuts.

Nutty squares

I saw Nigella making something like these on one of her shows and thought how yum they looked but never got around to making them. I was then reminded of them when I saw a similar recipe in a book belonging to Elinor the other day, so here they are. Some recipes include digestive crumbs, but I didn’t have any.

200g of icing sugar

200g of peanut butter

50g of dark brown sugar

50g of butter

And for the topping;

300g of chocolate

And an extra tbsp of butter

Mix everything together in a bowl, you might want to get your hands in to do a bit of squishing, then push into a square tin. Melt the chocolate and butter together and pour on top. Let it set in the fridge and cut into little squares.



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