Oh My Word, It’s Lemon Curd!

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I seem to be in a bit of a recipe mood, and I have to say any kind of homely preserve that ends up living in a old fashioned looking jar is high on the satisfaction scale. So I promise, if you make this, incredibly easy lemon curd, and dress it up with a nice label, you’ll be sitting back and congratulating yourself for days.

The recipe is strait out of the dairy cook book and goes:

100g of butter

200g of sugar

3 whole eggs, plus one yolk beaten together

3 lemons

Simply melt the butter in a ban marie (mixing bowl over simmering water), then add the sugar lemon juice and rind, and the egg. Heat gently, ensuring your egg doesn’t scramble, until the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon.

Sterilise a jar, you can do this by putting it in a hot oven filled with water (the jar not the oven) for a few minutes, or by dishwashing it, and fill it up with curd. Then make a nice label if you like, and keep in the fridge.



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One Response to Oh My Word, It’s Lemon Curd!

  1. Oooh this looks lovely I wish I could make it over here but my kitchens too small, only two people can be in it at anyone time, even then one has to be washing up and the other at the oven.

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