In Review- Battle Born by The Killers

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If I was going to pick one gripe about the music industry at the moment, it would be the deluge of absolutely appalling cover art we see adorning the front of our albums. Dodgy false intensity portrait photos of the artists, staring into the middle distance, conveys nothing to me. Nor does the fashion for almost blank covers with just a tinny pixel thing in the middle, and let’s not even talk about the computer generated barf art we keep seeing.

This is just one of the many reasons I love the killers, just look at the cover to their new album ‘Battle Born’. It just oozes rock and cool, and it reminds me of the thunderbirds for some reason, in a good way!

The music itself is also fighting fit. ‘The Way It Was’ caught my attention on first listen, along with the bonus track (why are they so often the best?) ‘Prize Fighter’, and not just for the pleasure of hearing Brandon Flowers exclaim ‘Pièce de résistance’ in the middle of a song. Such Fun!

The First single ‘Runaways’ had a head start in winning me over, and did so with aplomb, it’s certainly a slow burning track, but builds to such belting passion it’s worth the wait.

The rest of the album was established in my brain after a couple of listens, so if you’re not feeling it at first do give it a chance.

Any defects? I’m not mad about the ‘Mr Brightside’ follow up ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’, though I doubt many fans will agree. Though to be honest this might have something to do with the fact that, though MB is their most famous track, it was never that close to my heart. Their lesser known track ‘Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf’, however, has always been my favourite.

And now that the album has the seal of approval I can really look forward to seeing them live in November.




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One Response to In Review- Battle Born by The Killers

  1. Sounds good really hope I can get back to see them!

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