What to do when you oversleep and miss your seminar

Okay the inevitable has happened I overslept for my seminar this morning quite badly, it started at 10:00am and I woke up at 11:30am.

First response is to panic which I did with great aplomb for about 30 seconds. This is as much time as should be given to panicking. Of course the next thing I did was ring my Dad hoping desperately for guidance and that he would calm me down. He suggested going to the faculty office and asking them where my tutor was, so I dressed at top speed and rushed out the flat without breakfast – I had showered the night before by the way owing to the early start I was meant to have – however I recommend that you should just probably try to run out as quickly as possible. Looking flustered would make your tutor think you were really cared that you’d missed your seminar; of course I really DID care that I’d missed the seminar.

So I started shooting off across campus thankfully I’m only a 5 minute brisk walk from the Main Admin Building and the MHT building where the faculty office is for my subject. As I’m going along I suddenly spot my lecturer in the Making of Modern Europe and ran up to her, now I’m not sure how to address the lecturers and tutors yet is it first name or Miss or Professor or just Hey you! In the event I said I was one of her students in American History and MOME and that I’d missed the seminar this morning she very kindly directed me to the correct floor of the MHT building to where my tutor was because she’s a post grad student and doesn’t have an office. So off I toddled and found the open plan office that my lecturer had described and saw only one person in there who was shorter and had straighter hair than I thought my tutor had so I kept going until I reached the end of the corridor past a couple of seminar rooms who thankfully only had one window and didn’t see me double back to the open plan office.

I knocked on the door and it turned out she was my tutor but had straightened her hair today and wasn’t wearing heels. I had only seen her once before on the opposite side of the lecture theatre. Anyway she was very nice about it and said I hadn’t missed anything important it was only the very first seminar and she’d simply introduced the course and how to find journal articles and what should be read for the course. Like me she said she was not a morning person either and had been terrified that she herself would oversleep. Very kindly she went through what they had done in the seminar and told me I’d done what I was supposed to do and come and see her, so she marked me as present to the seminar instead of absent because I’d come to see her.

So what do we learn from this little episode in my life: if you miss your lecture/seminar go and the tutor as soon as possible, sounds needy and whatever but I was talking to a third year last week who said it was always best to keep on the tutors good side because then they’ll pull a few strings for you.

So after the interview with the tutor I went into Lincoln town centre which isn’t that far and went shopping – mainly for tonight’s dinner and to make cookies nothing very exciting.

As I have been writing this in the kitchen area with two of my flatmates a large gang of young men wearing predominantly long sleeved white shirts with black ties and black shorts have been congregated in the courtyard area between the flats and have been generally drinking and talking which dispelled the silence nicely and gave us something to watch through the window. They have now departed leaving their bottles on the wall, we have surmised that they were the rugby club on an outing but it was rather odd that they should come here to have pre-drinks.

au revoir



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