It’s a pair of Rocket Dog cowboy boots of course!





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6 Responses to It’s a pair of Rocket Dog cowboy boots of course!

  1. Ah you finally got your winter boots! You kept me in a ridiculous suspension Gwen dear I had to go away and eat a whole plate of muffins. They look very good, are they just above ankle hieght?

  2. Eleanor. says:

    Any idea how to clean these boots
    Just got a pair as well

    • Mine got muddy around the bottom the other day, I just waited for it to dry and brushed it off with a shoe brush. You could probably sponge them but they do go a bit darker once they’ve been wet, I didn’t really mind that though. Hope that helps.

  3. Eleanor. says:

    Thanks guys got some shoe protector as well. Boots came up great.

  4. Niki says:

    Hey, I got very similar rocket dog shoes. The front boots got a little dirty. Any idea on how to clean it?

    • Depends what they’e dirty with. As I said you can brush off mud once it’s dried but water can make them go dark. if you type ‘suede cleaner’ into Amazon you may find some useful products.

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