Please, come in, sit down, have some more blancmange!

A bit of a chatty post today, it’s been a while since I’ve done one like this but I had a few little bits to mention, stuff I’ve bought recently and a few other odds and ends, so I thought I’d do one, more tea?

Firstly poems. Regular readers of this blog will know that from time to time I will post a poem. I don’t take it to seriously, you’ll be glad to hear, I just write one if I feel like I have one to write, and not if I don’t, and then I post them on here for you to read, or not read, like or dislike at your leisure. But then I started thinking, I have quite a few of these poems stacked up in my hard drive by now, and there are such things as poetry competitions online so what’s the harm? (well there could be harm if I submitted something to one of those fraudulent competitions, but I did my research). But hey, you don’t know until you ask, you don’t win until you try. The only snag is that most comps don’t accept poem that have been published in any form, including blogs. So I can’t enter anything you’ve already read. Whoops. Oh well, I did have a few that you haven’t seen, so I entered two of them and tried to forget about it. Anyway, that is why you may be seeing fewer poems on this blog.

Also, would the person who keeps finding this blog by typing ‘ionanoo’ into the search engine, and I suspect it is always the same person, like to know that, if you want, you can save us into your favourites. I’m sure there’s an icon somewhere you can use. I hope I don’t sound pushy, I just thought it might make your life a bit easier. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But anyway thanks for reading, biscuit?

Now I wanted to do a ‘haul’, as they are called, of things I bought while out charity shopping with a friend, but it was a bit of a failed mission. These things can be very hit and miss, however I did buy two books. ‘Juliet, Naked’ by Nick Hornby for £1.99 from the Oxfam book shop. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as pornographic as it sounds, in fact it’s rather good and I’ve nearly finished reading it. And ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Agatha Christie for £1.25 from Acorns, I bought this because it’s a classic, so much so that I know how it ends already, but it doesn’t get to be a classic on the merits of a single plot point, right? I suppose I’ll find out.


After we’d come out so relatively empty handed we decided to drown our sorrows with a hearty little lunch in a French café. My friend had pasta while I went for the stake sandwich-how could I resist?- and after that made sure our sorrows were well and truly dead with a nail varnish splurge in Superdrug and Body care.

I got one of  the Barry M nail paints that everyone’s been raving about, I opted for the silver ‘Foil effects’ one because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good silver nail varnish. That came in at £3.99 and y’know it’s shimmery and lovely, and I love the packaging design. One or two of these might make their way into my Mum’s Christmas stocking.

I was then totally taken in by this Technic sparkly blue in ‘mermaid’, don’t you just love it when make up has fancy shade names? And bought it for a thrifty 99p.


I just got over being ill by the way, and living off honey and lemon with a side order of toast, now I feel like my immune system needs a bit of a boost and I think it’s time to embark on a healthy eating phase. Humm, I may need to go shopping.

Now if you read all that you deserve more cake,

Love love, kiss kiss and all that,



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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