Clutter fest…

Do you know when you get that little pothole of despair that opens up inside you every time you walk into your room and see the mess? I’m starting to suffer from that.

Now I can be excused on one front, the boiler needs fixing and in order to grant the man proper access my bookcase has been moved and all my books are staked around my bed. Luckily, I’m not prone to needing the loo in the night, otherwise I might sleepily fall on my arse.


Other than that though the issue is simple. I have too much stuff. I need to purge. Yes, that’s right, my bedroom needs a laxative.

Why, for example, didn’t I throw away all those old nail varnishes I don’t use anymore? And why don’t I sort out all those cloths that are, as Elinor once put it. “trying to escape”?  And I really should do something about that growing CD and DVD collection.

Oh dear…


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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3 Responses to Clutter fest…

  1. Oh poor Gwen, I have just reorganised my room at uni, after my flatmate was aghast at the mess, can you not put the books on the other side of the bed near where your desk chair is, to save you from the possibility of a sore bottom? Hope the boiler gets fixed soon!

  2. Ah, it’s no good Elinor, the books already reach around that side of the bed, I just have too many!

  3. Ah, but we must remember my dear trapped fruticake that one can never have too many books

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