Alteration time!

How I simply and reversibly altered my Tom Waits T Shirt.

Blah blah blah, I know what your saying, I’m totally in love with the gravelly voiced singer and you haven’t even heard of him before. But this isn’t really about Tom Waits, even if one of his songs does make it to the bottom of the post, and hey, no one’s forcing you to listen to it. This is about the T shirt I got and adjusted, and I thought I’d tell you about it just in case you had any similar wardrobe issues in your life.

Also, excuse if my pictures are bad, but I was all alone in a fairly dark room.

So here was the issue with the T Shirt:

I wore it for one day, but really the bottom hem stuck out in an unfortunate way, and the way the neck line fell wasn’t so hot. I didn’t want to start chopping and stitching because God knows what regrettable things I might have done to it. So I decided to only do reversible things.

I made the bottom more flush with my hips by bringing one corner to a point, pulling in material more from the back from the front so I didn’t pull in the picture (cool isn’t it?) from the front, and tied a knot. Simple.

To make the straps fit a little better I then created a little pleat in the nape of the neck area by pulling about 2cm (well, exactly 2, I just measured it) of material from ether side of the label and stitching them in. I knew if I didn’t like it I could always pull out the stitches and no harm done.

And here is the finished Shirt. Better, no?

Yep, PJ time!



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