Uni Life what the guide books leave out

So I am now in week 4 of my first year of university, life is becoming a bit easier now I’ve stopped drowning in it all now and am just beginning to tread water.  One of things that I think a lot of people fail to mention when writing about university life is seminars and lectures, because they’re boring and don’t include getting pissed out of your breadbin.

Lectures are easier to do, just turn up take notes. Taking notes is more difficult at first but once you become used to the flow of the lecturer it becomes much easier and you only have to write down what’s important anything that can be got from a textbook can be left. As I’m studying history a lot of what I have to take is the arguments between historians. Some lecturers it has to be said are better than others at engaging your interest and keeping you awake.

Seminars are a different kettle of fish, reading must be done for seminars and sometimes there is a lot and notes have to be made for them. Seminars are the worst, when you know no one it’s really intimidating and no one wants to say anything. It does become easier when you get to know people, but still some seminars become increasingly awkward particularly when not everyone’s done the reading. There is one seminar when it’s still really bad, because I only have it biweekly, this does mean that no one really knows anyone very well, this week there was one of those really awkward silences at the beginning of the seminar and I nearly had an attack of the nervous giggles. What was really awkward was the fact that only one other person was prepared to give any contribution to the seminar. I was feeling so awkward that I ended up giving the answers to my tutor’s questions, just to break the silence and I had done the reading. The Awkward Silence experience is seriously unsettling as is the nervous smile the tutor gives the group when the silence starts lengthening. 

Especially for me, because I become nervous and the giggling tendency gets worse.

My blog posts have slowed down this week because I’ve had two deadlines this week so I’ve been working through all that and the stuff for seminars.

au revior



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One Response to Uni Life what the guide books leave out

  1. I do not have seminars dear so I cannot contribute but thank you for filling me in. Should I ever stumble into one by accident and decide to stay I shall know to fill said awkward silence with a joke about cheese.

    waving at you from quite a lengthy distance,


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