Hmm what I did in my Lecture Today

Okay so I stayed up all night reading a book, not for work I then dozed off at bout 6:30am and woke up at 10:00am and still in time for my midday lecture. I am quite proud of myself and I stayed awake, I paid attention in that lecture it was on Representation of History in Film and we watched the 2 minute intro of Braveheart which my lecturer just then tore apart with the number of historical faults. Fun fact, in the first 2 minutes there are 18 historical mistakes in Braveheart.

However I had another lecture at 2:00 in Communication skills and I did not pay attention at all, this is what happened…

I did actually pay attention and write down some things and I did take it in, but this lecture is really superfluous because I have the seminar for it on Monday before my lecture so everything is already explained by my tutor

au revoir



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