What’s In My Bag?

You nosey Susan! Well, you can join me in that club if you’re genuinely interested in this post because the ‘ what’s in my bag tag’ has been going around the internet for ages and for some unearthly reason I just can’t get enough of snooping at people’s key fobs. I know, I know; it’s odd. But you can actually pick up some useful tips from what people carry around, and they say you can tell a lot about a person from what they keep in their bag.

The first thing you can deduce about me, Watson, is that I obsessively keep my bag free of unnecessary clutter, as soon as I get back from a trip out with old bagpuss it’s strait to the bin with all the train tickets, receipts and wrappers. Is this because I’m an obsessively clean and tidy person (no), or because I’m to lazy to carry around ANY extra weight (yes)?

The bag itself? Is it a Miss Kidston, I have been asked, at those prices? give it a rest Kath, I think you’ll find this is a ever so thrifty Swanky Swan bag off Amazon. Bought, yes, before our Amazonian love was diluted with their tax avoidance.

1)Lip balm. From H&M, good for blaming those lips and getting rid of stubborn make up smudges.

2)Tissues. A recent addition, I was in the queue in Superdrug, I saw the tissues and I thought to myself, Gwen you’re an adult now, you pair your own socks, get bank statements and eat coleslaw; it’s about time you carried a pack of tissues. Apart from anything I have young siblings and a weepy laugh, so I don’t know why it took me so long.

3)My purse; because otherwise I would have nowhere to put my money.

4)Cake book. Where I note down any cake orders so I don’t get all confused.

5) Fold up hair brush. I’ve owned many of these over the years and the mirror has never not snapped off, (excuse my double neg), does this happen to you or do I just brush like the hulk?

6)Hair pins. In case that long hair needs dealing with. Also good for picking locks, piercing cellophane, and pressing those tinny buttons human digits cant handle. You know the kind I mean.

7)Mini mascara from H&M. I bought this because I thought it was small and sweet, but the truth is I have never, not once, topped up my make up while out and about. It goes on, it stays there, and who can be bothered? Not me.

So whats in your bag?



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One Response to What’s In My Bag?

  1. All those things I never knew you kept in your bag Gwen! Though I think I might account for the absence of tissues at elast when I was at home I invariably had tissues with me to pass round.

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