How To Be A Christmassy Domestic Goddess On A Budget

Imagine Niglella wandering down the aisles of the 99p shop. It’s difficult isn’t it?  But all is not lost dearest blog reader! And budget doesn’t mean bowl cuts and road kill roast. I’ve foraged for bargain tips in the holly hedgerows of my mind, and the minds of family and friends, (I apologise if you gave me a good tip and I immediately forgot it and didn’t include it I this post, but hey, that’s what the comments box is for you grumpy Susan!), and I come to you with this post all wrapped up in Christmas paper.

Little Sister’s advice- homemade gifts

Basics chocolate, a little cream and pretty much any old dram you have gathering dust in the booze rack will make, not just delicious truffles, but homemade cheep gifts for all the neighbours.

Or why not take my little sister’s advice and make animals out of toilet roll tubes and tissue paper? No, I don’t know how she does it.


Gwen’s Party Hair Advice- Christmas Stocking Rolled Hair

Oh yes my friend, you can make your hair curly with a pair of socks, I’m not even jingling your Christmas bell, and it saves money on those curling irons you’ve been eyeing up.

Divide slightly damp hair into four, one top bit and three bottom bits, roll each bit of hair around a sock and tie in a knot at the top, it doesn’t matter if it falls down a bit. You might want to tie an elastic around your hair sock bundles to keep them from wandering off. Admire your new socky hair look in the mirror and pop down to the shops for passers by and neighbours to look at and envy. Then go to bed and sleep with the socks in your hair, this might not be so comfy if you sleep flat on your back, but who the hell really does that anyway? In the morning you can take out the socks and see your lovely bouncy, curled hair, oh what joy, what free sock based joy!

Mumzy’s wrapping advice- save your bags.

Never chuck a gift bag that can be reused, just try not to leave the tag on, or return a bag to the person who gave it to you in the first place, having said that, I don’t think anyone would be that drastically offended if you did. No one ever came to blows over a recycled gift bag.

Or why not try parcel paper and string? It looks classic and smart and comes in cheaper than all that fancy wrapping paper. And how many times have you had a pressie clad in cheep wrapping paper spontaneously unwrap itself under your tree? You don’t see parcel paper giving away all the surprises before time do you? And Amazon currently has butcher’s twine on BOGOF, I’ve ordered mine.

Gwen’s bargain Gift Advice- Charity Shop Books

Most charity shops these days aren’t the dusty junk rooms smelling of pee that they used to be, volunteers and stressed manages have worked tirelessly to tart the places up so that people like us can bag a bargain for a good cause.

This stack of lovelies cost me £6 in total, at, from the bottom, £1.50, £2, £2, and 50p. But depending where you look, most bestselling paperback type things can be bagged for about 20p.


Or do you have a list of kindly aunties? Conduct a choir of middle aged women? Work as a male midwife? In that case you’ll have a lot of women to buy a little something for, why not try the MUA lipsticks? One pound I tell you, one single pound! And they’re really good. I’ve got about three for Mumzy’s stocking, but don’t tell.


Older Brother’s Christmas Advice

Put your fingers in your ears and imagine it’s all in your head.

Yours in Christmas Thrift,



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