It’s January and Gwen Loves….

Beth Hart

I first saw her on Jools Holland singing this song, and since bought most of that album and the stupendous Don’t Explain with Joe Bonamassa. Very nice.

Lemon Grass and Ginger Cordial

With a splash of real lemon juice to be specific, it’s just great, as all green bottle cordials are in fact (want to pay me for the plug?), but I’m particularly loving this one right now. It’s gingeryness convinces my that a residue of Christmas spirit still exists in January.

Soap & Glory’s Mist You Madly body spray

Lured into boots like a turtle to some lettuce, only quicker, and with weaknesses for nice packaging, vanilla scents and puns, I could hardly be expected to resist this spritsable darling. Proclaiming itself on the lid of the box to be a ‘fun scent’, I thought, yes, I quite agree with you Soap & Glory, direct the nozzle this way and we’ll make a night of it.


The Wire

This show has been around for a while now, without me watching it, and enjoying cult popularity and lavish praise without me. So I feel a bit like I’ve turned up at my aunt’s Avon party very late (fans will get that, nudge nudge). But I’m a few episodes in thanks to my brother and his DVD box set giving skills, thanks by the way, and although at first I was underwhelmed by it’s utter realism style and therefore slow pacing, I am now at the point of no-words-will-explain-it’s-amazingness.


I wanted to insert a clip of David O’Doherty’s stand up here, with him talking about how people have no words to explain The Wire, but I couldn’t find it… sorry.

MUA nail varnish in Frozen Yoghurt


First of all the name is delicious. Secondly it costs only one pound. And thirdly, the song will explain.

These Flamingo Lights

You do not miss read me, these Flamingo lights were a Christmas present from Mumzie and OOOHH how I love them. And Flamingos in general for that matter, they look approachable and fun.




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