Hello Blog….do forgive me

Umm yes I have been absent for quite a while, but I am at uni and I do have a massive amount of reading to do because this semester is mostly seminars but I get seminars now that don’t have a lecture so everything is based on the reading for the seminar so there is a lot and I have to read it otherwise I look like an idiot.

But anyway now to the point, my hands have now since the winter of my 14th year been in a bit of state with chilblains come the cold months, which is not helped because I have really weak circulation in my hands so they just do not stay warm, at all – even if I wear gloves and its really cold outside they will go cold. Because of this I also have reynards where my hands go cold then blood runs out of them and they seize up. Until this winter I have only suffered from chilblains which are really awful and painful – at one point I was unable to open my Christmas presents. But this year and very recently something different has happened, my skin has gone dry. But it has gone so dry that it started to split.

Which sounds very attractive and I have now just shared that with the entire internet but what the hell I’m writing under an alias. But this is the first time my hands have got this bad, they would go dry before but now I’m getting quite long and deep splits near the knuckle joints on my fingers that look like paper cuts which at first I thought they were until one appeared first thing in the morning and I hadn’t been near any paper. But I realised when I got out the shower exactly how bad my hands were, between the main knuckle joint and the first joint in the finger was red because all the little creases in the skin had split. For some reason it was far worse on my right hand, but I think thats because thats the hand I write with so its kepts in a position that causes the skin to stretch more so thats why I think it split more.

So I now have moistruising regime for my hands. So many bueaty gurus and just other people in general have extensive regimes for the face and body and I don’t; I have one moisturiser for my face and one for the rest of me and thats it. 

Face cream

Face cream

Body Butter

Body Butter


So my regime I have E45 cream that I put on at night because it lasts a long time when I abviously won’t be awake to put more cream on. But it can be a little greasy so I prefer it at night when I don’t have use my hands.

During the day I have the Body Shop’s Cranberry Joy hand cream which one smells gorgeous and two is small so I can carry it around with me more easily. However I do have to reapply that one quite a bit because it will come straight off when I wash my hands or it will become absorbed into the skin. But it is a really good little hand cream that is quite absorbant and doesn’t tend to be really greasy, so then things don’t start slipping through my fingers.

I then have a third moisturiser the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula concentrated hand cream just to dab on my knuckles where the skins stretched a lot and tends to be worse. It does work really well there but I find that if I put it all over my hands they tend to stay greasy for a long time and its just not nice.

The Terrific Trio

The Terrific Trio

The only plus side to this splitting issue is that it relatively painless, but it has been a little irritating where the skin has split and it causes a tiny pin pricking of pain but that will make me scratch it and so makes it worse.

That was my update from Lincoln. It is a bit poor I know, but for anyone else out there looking for a moisturising tips for dry hands this does work quite quickly my hands are a lot better after just a few days. Also E45 cream is seriously the best thing for dry skin to help repair it I speak from much experience.

au revoir



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3 Responses to Hello Blog….do forgive me

  1. Anela says:

    Wow!! My hands do almost exactly the same thing…… It is SO not fun to move your cracked hands first thing in the morning though….I think thats because I get eczema too…..

    Again… I love your blog..

  2. Y’know I’ve heard that the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream is very good and even recommended by nurses for people with irritated and dry skin related to medical complaints. It’s a bit pricey in comparison to Simple, but if it was really bad you might consider it.

  3. Anela says:

    What a good idea…. i think we might have some, somewhere in that magical thing known as a medicine cabinet….. Thank so much!!! 🙂

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