Never Fear Gwen Is Here

A thousand apologies and a big fat kiss! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for ten whole days but you’ll never guess- my brother is getting married. And it’s on Saturday no less, so, as you can imagine, things have become rather bustling around here.

My responsibilities lie in the hair and cake departments, but also stretch out into general foodieness at times. It’s going to be a ‘bring and share’ style event, with people coming along with hot pots and stews for mains, and a perfectly tantalising array of cakes and whatnots for desert. Or that’s the plan anyway. As with all bring and share events, you can’t be totally sure what you’ll get.

It seemed we were going to come up a little short on puds and tea party style foods (this is the bride’s brief), so the day before yesterday I made 60 scones and popped them in the freezer. And yes, I do love making things at an industrial scale, I don’t know why, but it pleases me.

P1100328 P1100330

Then also is the grand old wedding cake itself, I’ve only made one wedding cake before, so I’m pretty green, but we’ll see how it goes (blogging on that matter to follow, naturally). I’ve spent the morning making the various flower decorations to go on that. I can’t actually put the whole thing together until a day or two before though, because the second from top layer is lemon sponge and I don’t want to risk and staleness.

I’ve also done a test drive on the hairstyle and she seems to like it, I’ll try and follow up with some pictures from the big day.

Well this was a fleeting one, the fondant icing calls me,



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