My resolution and Sleep deprivation

So my conduct on the blog has never been brilliant, I have at best haphazard postings and worst I can be utterly silent for 3 months. The difficulty all bloggers face is what the hell do I write about on a regular basis and although Gwen originally had biscuits and has now moved on to baking I was supposed to do tea, and then about 6 months ago there was an idea that I would post artwork up. Well that hasn’t really happened. In fact its been rather poorer than my ordinary blog posts.

So from today being Thursday and not Friday like I thought it was I shall post one piece of artwork a week for a year. But starting tomorrow. Because I thought aha I’ll do it every Friday and then realised it was Thursday. So there will be 52 installments of art. And I know it would have made more sense to do this starting in January, but hell I roll a little late always.

Umm in other news, I have been at my worst for sleep deprivation over the four days. To the point where I didn’t sleep at all. I was trying to do all my work before Wednesday so I could go home for the wedding early as I had planned I then found out I had a deadline. This should never have been a problem because I knew about it 6 weeks ago, but timing for me is atrocious and managing stuff is so difficult for me. But basically I had between Sunday night to Wednesday day I had about 5 hours. Also the last three weeks I’ve had very limited sleep from Sundays to Wednesdays and then I would end up sleeping all day from thursday to Sunday and working most of the night. It was very bad. I was getting headaches and the last couple of days when I ate I’d start to feel sick after about 3/4 of the way through something. And I really hope that was the sleep deprivation because I slept all day today but I feel I deserved it after everything. But I only ate dinner today and I didn’t feel sick but I haven’t really tested it properly.

I really do not want to get to that stage again, by the time it got to midday I would believe it was the next day thats how long the days were feeling. And it was entirely my own fault. But try as I might to get my work done at one end of the week I always always get to Sunday night and still have either an essay to do or half my seminar reading. It always happens and I don’t know why. But also looking at everything I have to do before the end of the semester I probably won’t sleep much. On the plus side I was getting very good at falling to sleep about four and waking up for my alarms about seven and then waking up for most of the subsequnt  alarms. Before I knew if I was awake at 4 am I was not going to get up in time for my morning seminars.

But now I shall go to bed it being gone midnight. To send myself to sleep I shall read some of my seminar stuff that usually seems to do the trick.

au revoir



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