The Wedding Cake Story

One upon a time Alex and Anna decided to get married. Now, obviously the most important thing about any marriage is the cake (am I right?), so it was a bit of luck that Alex had a sister (me) who liked making cakes.

The wedding theme was swallows, because they’re so pretty and they mate for life, and the colour green. This was awkward at first because swallows are actually blue and red, not so good for cakes which I believe look best with a limited colour pallet. I was a little disheartened then, when my first attempt at swallow cake toppers not only messed up the colour scheme, but the female, and I’m so sorry I’ve not got a picture, had a dodgy black beak that made it look like Poirot. So, to hell with the rspb book and all this accuracy, the birds will be green!


Caking in pictures



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