Music to my Ears; Gwen’s song addictions

I recently indulged my slightly odd/indie film habit with Jim Jarmucish’s  Stranger Than Paridise, to be honest I didn’t get on to well with it (and don’t take that as a reflection on JJ because I love many of his other films), but that’s another blog post, however it did to me the favour of introducing me to the wonderfully weird Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Who knew that the classic I Put A Spell On You was originally by him? I’m not the only one who didn’t realise am I?


Second on the list is an old gospel song, mentioned in Tim Minchin’s desert island disks (yes, I am addicted to that show, don’t judge me) I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I feel as if I knew it before I heard it, so ether I did, and half forgot it, or it’s magical. Do you get the same feeling?

Nope, I’m still not going to get all up to date and mention some new music, this time it’s Sam Cooke’s A Change Gonna Come. I’ve loved him for ages, but for some reason have only just got into this song.

Shut up. I know, I know, but I just can’t drop my Tom Waits obsession. This is off something different; a compilation record of pirate songs and sea chanteys form an array of different contributors. These include Shane McGowan (the Pouges), Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp, Dr John, and in this song Tom Waits and Keith Richards. I Also really love the simple video.



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