Charity Shop Book Finds

We trawled. We went a’ trawlin’ through those little caverns of literature and duff biographies known amongst the most, as charity shops. That is, Elinor, my blogging buddy, Sister in Law, who has yet to start a blog but said she might, and I. We had a jolly good time of it too, and I have to say I felt pretty pleased with myself because despite being that person who sticks with the same authors and never branches out, I came back with three out of six books from previously unread authors,-so there- in your face reading rut! I‘ve slapped you silly with this book binge!


From the bottom upwards we have:

Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code-95p

Eoin Colfer

Nothing to do with breaking out of the rut, this was the book that got me really reading. You see, my early dyslexic reading career wasn’t so good, I don’t know if this can make sense, but I loved stories and hated books. Eoin Colfer reached out and said ‘hey, kids books can be funny, well paced, exiting, not full of archaic language and definitely not patronising’, I will be forever grateful for that. So this one was pure nostalgia.


Marian Keyes

Am I letting myself in for a graphic birthing book here? It can’t be worse than the nct talk I’m always in on. I wanted something fairly light because I have a big stack of classics that I got for my birthday, I looking forward to reading them, but sometimes a summer afternoon calls for light and fluffy, not dark and heavy. I saw Marian Keyes interviewed before and she was hilarious, so I hope her books are too.

Crime and Punishment 79p

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Ahem, on a rather different note, this has been on my to read list for a while, and while my brother does have a copy, for 79p I thought I may as well get one of my own.

Brooklyn £2. 50

Colm Toibin

Another new author (to me), the blurb says it’s about an Irish girl who goes to New York looking for opportunities in the 1950’s, to be honest I was taken in by the amazing accolades plastered over the front cover. It’s winner of the 2009 Costa Novel awards apparently, but mind you, I think Costa sandwiches are horrible, so I hope their book taste is better.

The Railway Detective £3.99

Edward Marston

I do love a detective novel, from Sherlock to Lord peter Whimsey, there is always room for another sleuth, we’ll see if this one pays off.

Julius £2.99

Daphne Du Maurier

I’m a big fan of old Daphne D, and if I see anything of hers I haven’t read, I buy it on sight. So there.



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